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 Tax Abatement Condos in Columbus Ohio 
Tax Abatement for Columbus Condos
The City of Columbus has offered some developers of new residential condos and lofts the ability to not pay property taxes for up to 15 years. When searching for a Columbus condo or loft you must pay attention to what ones have a tax abatement. You could have the opportunity to avoid paying any property tax (you would still pay for land in any situation but this is very minimal). Some of the tax abatement has already started to run out their 15 years and it is important to ask or research this before you buy. It significantly increases your buying power! We have listed some of the projects with partial abatement (not full but partially run out and/or not 100%) and others that are full (100% Tax Abatement but may not be for 15 years). Each condo will have its own situation that must be understood in order to make a good decision.
Columbus Condo Properties with Tax Abatement:
Buggy Works - Full 10 year 100% tax abatement
The Jackson - Full 10 year 100% tax abatement 
Burnham Square - Full 100% through 2015
The Jeffery - 75% tax abatement
Neighborhood Launch - 10 year 75% tax abatement
Flats of Harrison Park - 10 year 50% tax abatement
Old National Road Condominiums - Full 10 year 100% tax abatement

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